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The more contemporary Suffolk with a classic shaker style not only looks stunning but also incorporates a full range of modern technologies including dimmed lighting with concealed glass shelves and magnetic close system. The exteriors of the Suffolk cabinets are hand finished in ‘Driftwood’ with interiors in ‘Silver Birch’ along with seasoned oak for shelving and drawer boxes. The Suffolk enjoys the same quality of traditional joinery and magnetic leather buffer catchers.

Oak Interiors

When you open any drawer or cabinet in Suffolk, instead of seeing the same painted finish as the outside, you’ll be greeted with a contrasting, solid oak interior.

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Subtle strip lighting

You can choose to have thin LED strips inside any of your Suffolk cabinets to help you see what’s inside. Use them inside a glazed cabinet and they’ll provide subtle background lighting too.

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Taller wall cabinets

If you live in a property with very high ceilings and prefer wall cabinets to countertop designs, you can use Suffolk’s extra-tall wall cabinets to better fill your space.

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