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Big Green Egg Charcoal – 9kg Bag

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Our Organic Lump Charcoal is made out of top-quality cuts of American oak and hickory hardwoods for amazing performance and flavour. Why? It contains no by-products, chemical fillers or petroleum additives that would taint your food or damage your EGG. Each large bag will give you roughly 80hrs burn. That’s a lot. ( 9.07kg bag).


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Big Green Egg Natural Firelighters

Obtain the best results from cooking the all-natural way.?The?popular Big Green Egg Natural Fire Starters come in boxes of 24 convenient squares. They light easily are odourless, tasteless, fast, clean and safe - containing no toxic substances. Use in conjunction with our Natural Lump Charcoal for a quick easy chemical free cook.

Long Matches - Box of 90

Box of approx 90 11" Matches ideal for lighting a stove or BBQ.  Striking paper included on the end of the box.

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A Natural Lump Charcoal that is produced from top-quality cuts of natural, organic lumpwood (hickory and oak) and sourced from FSC-certified forests that we’ve worked with for years.  The Oak and hickory offer premium performance and incomparable flavour. Comes as a 9.07kg bag.

Our Oak & Hickory Lump Charcoal adds something special to even the most unlikely dishes.  Cakes and breads adopt a delicious smoky depth; meat and seafood take on a complex, aromatic flavour. When our charcoal is in play, anything and everything tastes better.

This is the easiest charcoal you will ever have to light, full stop. Simply fill your EGG up to two inches below your cooking surface, and place a lit firelighter in the centre. Come back in ten minutes, and close the lid.

Each large bag will give you roughly 80hrs burn. That’s a lot. ( 9.07kg bag).

How do I store my Big Green Egg charcoal?

Make sure you keep your charcoal dry, ideally in the garage with an airtight container or bin.
The lumps are naturally very dry and light quickly, but if they become moist this can impede the ability to light them quickly.

Once you have opened the bag and used your charcoal remember to fold the opened top of the bag over several times to prevent air and moisture from entering the bag.
If you have some remaining charcoal in an older open bag, consider moving the charcoal into a fresh bag and using this older charcoal first (on your next burn).

How long will my charcoal last?

There are no accelerants in the charcoal. It lights easily, and stays lit for a long time when it’s in an EGG. On a Large EGG, for example, one load of charcoal can last around 24 hours.
Cooking at high temperatures generally uses charcoal at a faster rate than if cooking at low temperatures.
Also, an XL EGG will go through charcoal faster than a MiniMax, you should get around 80 hours of cooking out of an entire large bag of charcoal.

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