AGA Module
Make your AGA cooker even more versatile with an Integrated Module or Freestanding Module - the perfect companions to your choice of AGA.
  • Integral grill (within the slow cook top oven)
  • Slow cook oven
  • Fan oven
  • Choice of gas or ceramic four-ring hob

Integral grill ­– Located within the top oven, the integral grill is engineered for even heat distribution, meaning it cooks with a direct, dry heat for fast, flavoursome results.

Slow cook oven - This oven uses the base heating element to create a gentle lower temperature form of cooking.   This is the ideal place to cook dishes that require a more gentle type of heat, such as casseroles, stews or even meringues.   The slow cook temperature range is from 90 degrees up to 120 degrees, simply turn the control dial to achieve a higher temperature.

Fan oven – Moves hot air quickly past the food, significantly reducing cooking times. This cooking process eliminates hot spots, allowing food to cook more evenly.

Choice of gas or ceramic four-ring hob – The four-burner gas hob has flames that can be easily increased and decreased for instant and controllable heat, while the electric hob has flat surfaces that are easier to clean.undefined


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