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rEGGulator Cap

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● The all new rEGGulator’s so good, we patented it. ● Precise temp control at your fingertips. ● Made out of pre-seasoned, weather-resistant cast iron for durability and rugged good looks. ● Silicone adjuster means you won’t burn yourself during a cook. ● Shuts off the EGG when fully closed. ● Designed to sit on top of your EGG forever; you won’t need to take it off between cooks. ● Raining? No worries. The rEGGulator is an all-weather EGGcessory. If you’ve got one, you won’t need a ceramic damper top. ● Magnets keep the rEGGulator in place, so you’ll no longer mess up your fixed temperature when you open the EGG ● Up to 50% better airflow than the traditional Dual Function Metal Top. ● Doesn’t stick when it’s cold. ● Designed to accommodate an optional rain cap.

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