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Ceramic Kamado Joe BBQs

At Kamado Joe, they understand that to achieve great outdoor cooking you need a premium garden barbecue. Since their first ceramic BBQ, the Kamado Joe Classic, Kamado Joe have continued to develop their products, with the aim of providing consistently high quality culinary experiences. From the power of their charcoal fire to the accuracy of their control system, Kamado Joe have expertly designed every element of their ceramic BBQ grills.

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Features of a Kamado Joe BBQ

Each feature of a Kamado Joe BBQ is backed by their superior Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System. Revolutionary in design and function, Kamado Joe’s unique cooking system is a multi-level, half rack design, allowing you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures, all at the same time. So, how is this possible? In every Kamado Joe, there are tiered half grilling racks, where each rack receives a different amount of heat. This tiered system not only allows you to cook food at different rates, but also provides you with extra space, avoiding the hassle of batch cooking. Kamado Joe half racks come in varying designs from a cast iron griddle to a soapstone plate, allowing you to customise the setup of your ceramic BBQ, depending on the meal you plan to create.

Kamado Joe BBQ range

Since designing their very first Classic barbecue, Kamado Joe have developed their range to include various sizes and new technology. The newest Kamado Joe grill is the Classic III which features their latest SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber. With this system, you’re able to carefully monitor the heat and smoke in your BBQ, allowing you to perfect the taste and texture during a low-and-slow cook. For the same innovative technology but with more space for grilling, Kamado Joe created the Big Joe III, expanding their range to meet the needs of larger groups and families.

From their smaller Joe Jr. to their larger Big Joe III, Kamado Joe have created an advanced collection of ceramic bbq grills.

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