Chesney's HEAT

 “Chesneys new Barbecue Heater is brilliant. It’s the most versatile cooking appliance I’ve ever used and afterwards it’s the perfect way to stay warm and create an atmosphere that makes the party last all night. It changes the whole experience of outdoor living.”

James Martin - Chef



Before starting work on the HEAT collection we had already developed the technology in our stove range to produce a wood-burning outdoor heater that would be efficient, clean and beautiful to look at. Our challenge was to ensure that the same appliance could also provide an outstanding barbecuing and cooking experience. It needed to have a versatility and functionality that would appeal to the ambitious outdoor chef as well as the ease of use and reliability required by the weekend barbecue enthusiast.


Grilling - A HEAT barbecue will grill beautifully. With temperatures in excess of 400°C a steak can be cooked in minutes leaving the meat moist and with searing lines enhancing its flavour. Low temperature grilling of fish and seafood is simple, cooking directly on the grill with the option of using direct or indirect heat.

Baking - The combination of constant temperature control and highly effective thermal rotation provided by a Chesneys HEAT barbecue will result in a degree of even baking that produces outstanding results. For pizza lovers a HEAT barbecue is perfect as the high temperature required for indirect cooking can be achieved by burning wood.

Roasting - With a sealed cooking area and thermal rotation, meat will remain moist for hours whilst cooking on a single load of charcoal with a HEAT barbecue. The unique rotating grill allows the height of the cooking area to be increased or decreased, accommodating very large cuts of meat if required.

Smoking - A barbecue from the HEAT collection will provide the long and slow indirect cooking that is required to impart the flavour of the wood or charcoal that is being used in the smoking process and result in tenderising the meat that is being cooked.

Wok cooking - The HEAT Collection is ideally suited to Wok cooking. The cylindrical shape of the 400 and 500 models enables a Wok dish to fit perfectly when the grill is removed and an adaptor ring can be purchased for either of the rectangular models, so that the high temperatures generated by all the models in the HEAT collection can be applied to this form of cooking.


Everyone loves the experience of cooking, eating and relaxing outside. We enjoy it when we’re abroad on holiday but it’s a
challenge at home because of our unpredictable weather. So we designed our new Heat collection of Barbecue Heaters with the Great British Climate in mind. There aren’t many nights a year when it’s warm enough to sit outside and relax after a meal and we wanted to change that. Using our award-winning stove technology we’ve created a beautiful, environmentally friendly outdoor heater that will make every night a magical experience.



  • Once the barbecuing is finished the transition to outdoor heating mode is achieved with the movement of a single component.
  • Repositioning a baffle inside the appliance transforms it from a multifaceted barbecue cooker to a highly efficient and attractive outdoor heater, which will deliver up to 700 degrees of radiant heat.
  • Place logs on the charcoal or wood ashes that have been used to cook and within minutes the heater is creating its own micro climate.
  • The heater operates in the same way as a stove with a glass door that opens so that the fuel can be replenished.
  • It has a single lever operating a valve that controls the amount of air entering the chamber and governs the rate at which the fire burns and the level of heat it generates.


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