Delivita Pizza Oven

So, let me set the scene… two families, rich in Italian heritage for home cooked authentic food, (a niece Liv & an Uncle, Joe) threw down the gauntlet of an official inter-family Pizza-Off! The goal, to create the perfect dough, which in turn creates the perfect light crispy pizza base, topped with authentic Italian combinations, then perfectly cooked to win the hearts and minds at the next family gathering.

The stakes were high, success and failure of equal measure, pizza dough was perfected, toppings sourced and creatively combined, yet one constant problem – “the fire!” - conventional kitchen ovens, even Aga’s couldn’t reach the temperatures required – “we need a wood fired oven!” came the cry, “but we need it to be social, stylish and lightweight, available in carefully selected colours, handcrafted locally using artisan manufacturing techniques and available at an affordable price!” And as the curtain closed, amidst the calls for additional hand-made accessories, and an online next day “Dough to Go!” delivery service -  DELIVITA was born!

  • Our stylish ovens are made of fibreglass and weigh just under 30kg. 
  • Patent pending Insulating heatproof handles & oven base mean they can be positioned anywhere, on anything sturdy enough to safely bear the oven weight. 
  • Perfect for urban balconies and gardens 
  • Completely waterproof shell, exterior resistant to hairline cracks*
  • If you're not a pizza lover, meat/fish & veg cook perfectly in our ovens 
  • Ready to cook in around 25 minutes
  • Authentic wood-fire cooked pizza ready to eat in around 90 seconds 
  • Every oven is made by hand in Yorkshire 
  • All our ingredients are organic and sourced in the UK
  • Our ovens come with a Guarantee on construction and workmanship
  • All our ovens are delivered with Harrington wood & ecolighters to get you started
  • Delivered with the convenience of a personal carriage service to your door, the oven positioned to your preferences and all packaging removed.
  • Outdoor use only

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