medium big green egg

Medium Egg Mahogany Bundle


Price: £1,420.00 inc VAT
Product Details

The Medium EGG is perfectly sized for couples who are short on space but big on appetite! Enjoy all the benefits of the larger EGGs at a lower price. The cooking area fits one smoking plank across the diameter which can cater for 2-4 people midweek or up to 6-8 people with a roast leg of lamb at the weekend.

What's Included:

Medium Big Green Egg & Pre-assembly

Royal Mahogany Base                                                          Mahogany Folding Shelves

Plate Setter
4.5kg Charcoal
Internal Firebox, Fire Ring & Fire Grate
Stainless Steel Cooking Grid
Dual Function Metal Top
Ceramic Snuffer Cap
Tel-True Thermometer Dome Gauge

What Can It Fit?

18 Pound Turkey
6 Burgers
3 Chickens Vertically
4 Steaks
4 Racks of Ribs vertically

Dimensions (Egg only):

Height: 737mm/29"
Width: 457mm/18"
Depth: 635mm/25"
Weight: 49kg 

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