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Stove Thermometer

£16.64 inc. VAT

The ST-101 Stove Thermometer is designed to clearly display the temperature of your stove or flue pipe. If your stove isn?t burning hot enough, there is a higher chance of developing tar build up in your flue. If your stove is burning too hot it means you are using more fuel than necessary. The ST-101 will show you the optimum burn temperature your stove should be burning at. This gauge has a beautiful half-moon design which will look great against your fireplace.


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Note:?The thermometer can be placed on the front, back, top, side or curved surface. The thermometer?s strong magnet and design can hold on up to 400?C.

  • Easily monitor optimum burn
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Monitor flue pipe temperature
  • 10mm Diameter
  • Strong internal magnet
  • Prevent the risk of your stove overheating