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Yagoona Highboy L Wood Fired Grill (ex-display)

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The trend of “Ring” grilling is catching everyone’s imagination. The idea of social cooking around an open fire is bringing us back from the complex and featuring packed gas grills that are everywhere. With the Ringgrill, people are rediscovering the simplicity of grilling.

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Yagoona Highboy L 80 cm Ringgrill 

The Yagoona Ringgrill is arguably the genesis design for grilling rings. Designed and released in 2010 and sold only within Switzerland for the first years, its reputation spread fast, till today it is one of the most beloved wood fire grills on the market.
The Yagoona Ringgrill is still the only one to have refined the split ring design, correcting for the most glaring drawback of the classic grilling rings: plate warp, and poor air circulation.
A perfectly flat grilling surface is what we expect from a good grill design. Our split ring design prevents the torsion from the way heat builds up in the ring. This warps simple, one piece rings. The elegant and simple solution also incorporates an air gap all around the ring to promote healthy air flow to the fire.
Other features such as integration with the Barramundi BBQ and the Universal Grill storage solution from Yagoona which neatly stores all your grills when not in use, are thrown in for good measure. Exactly what you would expect from careful design, and 10 years of experience.


Fire burns in the center of the Ringgrill’s thick circular grill plates. When the plates become hot, we have a fantastic and cool social grill.360° access to the Ringgrill means everyone cooks at the same time in a warm and cozy social atmosphere. The Ringgrill is removable and sold seperately. It can be used on your existing fire pit.

Barramundi BBQ

The Barramundi BBQ concept is as simple as fire itself. The Barramundi BBQ is simply a pair of thick steel grill plates mounted on a frame. Add a fire underneath, and you have an amazingly flexible, stable and tough grill. Many subtle extra features hidden within this design make this award winning grill stand out from all the rest.


Width: 80cm

Height: 95cm

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