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Eva Solo Nesting Box

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The elegant Eva Solo birdbath is designed for the bird that has everything – and makes bathing an even more pleasurable experience for the birds. The luxury birdbath is shaped like a drop falling in water, and is made of white-glazed porcelain. Each ring in the water forms its own level, which ensures that the little creatures can avoid getting completely soaked when dipping their beaks – regardless of size.

Gives birds room to both drink and bathe! Frost-proof, white-glazed ceramic plate that is easy to remove from the rod for cleaning and refilling.


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The Eva Solo nesting box is made of white-glazed ceramic and black plastic. The nesting box can be fitted using nails or the accompanying fixture.

The entrance to the nesting box has been designed to take four different-sized entrance holes depending on which bird species you want to attract. A special lock mechanism and smooth surfaces prevent cats and other predators from attacking the young chicks.

The simple yet stylish Eva Solo nesting box represents a marriage of design and functionality – a smart feature in any garden.