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Eva Solo Rain Guage

£66.00 inc. VAT

The elegant Eva Solo birdbath is designed for the bird that has everything ? and makes bathing an even more pleasurable experience for the birds. The luxury birdbath is shaped like a drop falling in water, and is made of white-glazed porcelain. Each ring in the water forms its own level, which ensures that the little creatures can avoid getting completely soaked when dipping their beaks ? regardless of size.

Gives birds room to both drink and bathe! Frost-proof, white-glazed ceramic plate that is easy to remove from the rod for cleaning and refilling.


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Eva Solo rain gauge is both practical and functional. It lets you read how much rain has fallen on the scale in the moulded glass container. The volume is shown in both millimetres and inches.

The glass measuring container is frost proof and dishwasher safe. The base fixing rod is tubular sharpened at one end, made of stainless steel and easy to secure into ground.

You will need to empty the container after each reading.

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Dimensions 100 cm