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Stuv 16/58 Inset Used and refurbished

£2,606.00 £1,565.00 inc. VAT

A narrow frame to cover up the stonework, a frame attached to hide the outline of the recess or a frame to be customised with the decorative elements of your choice.

Stuv Stoves – Stuv 16/58 Inset Wood Burning Stove reconditioned

Totally unique, the Stuv 16 Inset has a beautiful wide glass door to showcase the amazing view of the flames, without taking up any room.

Hinged door system – fitted with a hinged door to allows the fire to be refuelled
WxH : 58x61cm
Wood burning
Efficiency – 78%
Flue diameter – 180mm
Output – 7kW
Log size – up to 40cm horizontally
Energy Efficiency class – A
Purge air chases the smoke away from the window for a continuous view of the flames
Large, wide window for epic flame picture
A single control to adjust the 3 air supplies
Double combustion: optimises the combustion of the wood and reduces the production of ash


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