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27 . 01 . 2021

Chimney Advice – Expert Advice On Chimneys

Expert Chimney Advice

At Topstak, we offer expert chimney advice for any situation. Whether you need installation advice on chimneys, you’re looking to reline an old flue or you have your sights set on a large open fire, our friendly and experienced team can answer all your chimney questions.

Installing a new chimney advice

You will need professional chimney advice when installing a new chimney in order to find the easiest, most economical solution. We offer expert advice on chimneys during construction, as well as guidance on adding one to an existing building. Each installation is unique, so our team is on hand to answer all your technical chimney questions about our products.

Relining advice on chimneys and flues

If your old chimney is in poor condition, it’s likely to leak dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide. Before putting an old chimney back in the game, you’d need expert chimney advice on what work and repairs you need to undertake first. As unlined flues are commonly a problematic area of old chimneys, refurbishment advice on chimneys often includes fitting a new liner. This is so you can ensure the safety and efficiency of your flue, as well as meeting stove manufacturer requirements.

Inglenook chimney questions

Larger houses often feature open fires, or the so-called “Inglenook Fireplaces”. Homeowners looking to install this type of open fireplace will need professional help to answer a series of chimney questions to ensure their chimney is designed perfectly. From flue size measurements to ventilation requirements, we can provide valuable chimney advice to aid you in setting up an open fire safely at home.

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27 . 01 . 2021