Flexible Flue Liners

Multiflex Flue Liners

It is common to find that old chimneys are in a poor condition and can leak fumes, particularly if the flue is not lined. Over time hot smoke, tars and acids eat into the chimney walls and erode mortar joints causing staining to the exterior stone or brickwork, and leakage of dangerous fumes into the property. Large and uneven flues can also create poor up draught causing smoke to blow back into the room.

Our exclusive Multiflex "Class 1" flexible stainless steel multifuel flue liners are designed to provide a quick and economical solution for improving the safety and efficiency of old chimneys for use with wood, coal, gas or oil burning appliances.

Multiflex liners have a robust double-skin construction for use with multifuel burning stoves, fires or boilers. The inner wall is designed to provide a smooth gas tight flue for the safe and efficient passage of flue gases. The outer skin has a durable corrugated construction to allow maximum flexibility and strength. The liners are CE marked and included in the HETAS list of approved products for use with wood and solid fuel appliances.  Multiflex liners are covered with a conditional 20 year warranty, please click here to download the warranty form.

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