Ted Todd Flooring


Ted Todd make floors for people who love and appreciate unique, clever interior design. People who want their homes to tell a story, beyond the usual ‘out-of-the-box’ fixtures and fittings. At Ted Todd, their pioneering team are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a wood floor can be. And they're not afraid to say that the end-result is simply breathtaking.

Why buy a hardwood floor?

1. A good quality wood flooring will last a lifetime, is warm underfoot and acoustically comforting. Wood is one of the most traditional and natural types of flooring and comes in a variety of species and finishes, allowing the floor to either be the focal point of your project or complement your existing décor. Most consumer goods have built in obsolesce – wood floors have built in longevity and with the correct care will continue to look as good as when they were first fitted.

2. Wood floors are one of the cornerstones of any interior and are versatile enough to adapt to any scheme. Go for the best quality you can – flooring underpins everything, and it is not as easy to change as other elements in a room.

3. Wood is a natural product and all Ted Todd floors have sound environmental credentials. It’s ironic that so many man-made products made from laminate, vinyl and ceramic floors now go to great length to copy a wood look. However all of these floors totally miss the point of a wood floor: they last for generations and you do not send them to landfill when they look tired.

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