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Durable Logstores

Constructed from FSC treated timber, each of Topstak’s logstores can offer you a robust and secure storage solution. Whether you have unseasoned, seasoned or kiln dried wood, Topstak can help you store your logs correctly for the best results when burning. With logstores that can hold up to 4 cubic metres of logs, no number of logs is too many for Topstak, as we are dedicated to providing you with the best storage solution we can.

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Log Storage Don’ts

If you don’t have a logstore, it may be that you’re storing your logs inefficiently, and compromising the burning process. So, what shouldn’t you be doing?

When you have logs that you want to burn, you shouldn’t keep them in a pile on the ground and you shouldn’t leave them uncovered. This is because moisture from the grass or rain will soak into the logs and make them unsuitable for immediate burning. Your logs also shouldn’t be left scattered across the ground, as this won’t generate efficient air flow between the logs, which will similarly affect the seasoning process.

Read our Log Storage Dos below to find out if you’re storing and drying logs properly.

Log Storage Dos

So, what should you be doing to effectively store your logs?

To guarantee an efficient and clean burn every time, your logs need to be stored in a dry and secure storage solution. By having a logstore with a raised base, a slanted roof and secure sides, your logs can be stacked effectively and protected from any extra moisture, creating the perfect conditions for seasoning. That’s why, at Topstak, our logstores each come with those valuable features. Made from FSC treated timber, our logstores are available in a range of sizes and can store between 130 to 300 logs, keeping them secure and protected from the elements.

In short, if you want to know how to store your logs, your answer can be found in buying a Topstak logstore. Check out our range.

Additional Logstore Features  

For added durability and protection from the elements, Topstak also supplies a selection of rain shields and stainless-steel feet.

Available in a variety of sizes, our rain shields are designed to add that extra layer of defence against the rain, guaranteeing your logs will stay dry through all weather conditions.