There are usually a lot of questions to ask when purchasing a hot tub. So we have compiled a few of the most frequent and the all important answers to get you started.

Will an Arctic Spa fit in my garden?

This all depends on the size of your garden and the spa you want. Arctic Spas start at just 6ft wide with the Fox so in most cases, we can find the perfect spa for your garden!

Should I buy a foam-filled spa?

Some manufacturers will say fully foamed is better because it insulates the spa better. When in truth, this foam is actually providing the structural support (rather than the shell) and all the residual heat from the pumps and the heater are going to waste.

Just like your house, the Arctic Spas have a thick structural base, insulated side walls and an insulated roof (the cover!) and all the residual heat that is created by the pumps is used to help heat the water through the shell as there is no foam in the way. And most importantly, maintenance and servicing costs are dramatically reduced as our engineers don't have to cut through layers and layers of thick foam to carry out any repairs.

How much do they cost to run?

Most hot tub retailers give the magic number of £1 a day or £5 per week to run an average size hot tub. However, Arctic Spas with their extra thick insulated cover, insulted walls and Freeheat insulation system cost considerably less than other brands to run. As little as 50p per day for an average size hot tub. If you opt for the Spa Boy water care system, you can moniter and control you hot tub from anywhere in the world via the Arctic Spas app and actually see how much electricity your spa is using over 24hrs, 7 days and 30 days.

Are they easy to maintain?

Once your hot tub is up and running, you will need to add chemicals to your spa (usually chlorine or bromine) to help sanitize the water. We always supply a chemical starter pack with every hot tub which should keep you going for a few weeks. Every 3 months, you will need to drain your spas water and re-fill. Unless you opt for the Spa Boy system which takes care of the chemical levels in the water itself and your hot tub only needs to be drained every 6 months!

What electrical supply do I need?

This all depends on the size of the hot tub. The average power supply is 32amp, however some bigger hot tubs require around 40amp and smaller hot tubs, like the Timberwolf, can run on a 'plug & play' 13amp supply. All hot tubs need to be wired in by a qualified electrician.

Do I need to pour a concrete base to sit the hot tub on?

Not with Arctic Spas. Most other brands need either decking, paving slabs or a concrete base poured to hold the weight of the hot tub. Every Arctic Spa (excluding the Timberwolf) comes as standard with a structural floor built in. Just set it on firm, level ground, hook it up, fill up and use. In addition, your portable spa is now truly portable. If you move spa locations, the foundation comes with you.

How will you get it into my garden?

Provided you have access as wide as the hot tub is tall, we can deliver your hot tub up on its end on our dedicated 'spa dolly' and set it down where you need it. However, we understand not everyone has this type of access, which is why we also use hiabs and cranes which can lift your hot tub over pretty much anything we are likely to come across.