The compact Dutch designed Tub-Tub is easy to transport almost anywhere on the back of a pick up or on a small trailer.  Just fill up with clean water, stoke up the fire and then enjoy the relaxing warmth of the naturally heated water.  Combining the best in design and materials the Tub-Tub is built to last for years and years of enjoyment.  The double skin construction gives great strength and helps to keep heat in the tub. Made from robust polyester the tubs have a gelcoat to protect from weathering and fading. The coil and pipes are high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel for maximum durability.


Heating Water the natural way...

Thanks to the Thermo-Syphon effect you only need wood as the renewable energy source, which also means no electricity is needed. As the fire burns in the centre of the coil it heats the water passing through the pipe. The cold water feeds in from the bottom and starts to expand from the heat and gets hotter as rises naturally up the coil into the tub. This creates a circulating effect so the water stays hot so long as the fire burns.  The Booster connection of the Tub-Tub is designed for quick connection of a garden hose near the base of the coil. Water can be fed straight into the coil so the water heats up whilst the tub is being filled with water. It also means the tub can be drained through a hose.

Tub Tub

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Tub-Tub shown in Azar Blue £3,995 inc Vat

Features & specifications

  • The Tub-Tub is designed to fit 4 adults, who can sit in comfort thanks to the inbuilt seating dome inside.
  • Booster connection for easy fit of garden hose for quick filling and emptying.
  • Made from high quality durable polyester and stainless steel.
  • Weighs: 90kg with coil and no water.
  • Weight with water: 840kg.
  • Capacity: 750 litres.
  • Dimensions: 82cm high x 220cm wide x 302cm long.


The Booster

Each Tub-Tub contains the booster. The booster is a connection for the hose and is located at the bottom of the spiral. When filling a flow of cold water through the booster coil in the heated and flows at the top of the spiral, the tub-tub. Through the booster the Tub-Tub can be conveniently emptied and can also be used for example to water the garden.

The Drain Plug

To be used for filling and warming up the Tub-Tub.

Tub-Tub Accessories 

Tub Tub  
Chimney Set £714 inc Vat Ashtray £234 inc Vat Insulated Cover £495 inc Vat
   Tub Tub
 PVC Cover £354 inc vat Coil Windscreen £354 inc Vat Custom Colour £299 inc Vat


Standard colours are Azar Blue, Reseda Green, Cream White & Silver Grey. You can have your Tub-Tub in around 200 different RAL colours for an additional £299. Please allow 6-8 weeks for special colours.


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