Inglenook Chimneys

Large open fires or "Inglenook Fireplaces" as they are often called are a popular focal point. If you want to have a large open fireplace, it is important for the chimney to be designed properly with a suitable gather and a flue size that is correctly calculated to match the fireplace area. You will also need to have sufficient permanent ventilation into the room to ensure that the fire can work safely with a good draught up the flue. Topstak supplies a choice of systems for building a large open fireplace and chimney to suit. The options include:

  • Manor Firechest
    Manor Firechest

    This is probably the best and quickest way to build a large fireplace. The firechest combined with an Isokern DM (double module) chimney block system really does take the guesswork out of trying to build a large fireplace and chimney. It is a proven design and matched to the right flue size.

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  • Red Bank Liners
    Extra large concrete flue liners

    These extra large flue liners are designed for building a traditional chimney above a large inglenook type fireplace opening. A typical chimney construction would start with the liners being supported on a suitable lintel or gather if being used above an open fire.

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  • Inglenook Chimney
    Build an Inglenook

    Build what looks like a big inglenook fireplace and install a free standing stove, this means you would still have the grand appearance of a large inglenook where the fire is contained in a stove like a Dovre 2400.

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