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AGA Hare Pet Bed

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The hare was once regarded as an animal sacred to Aphrodite and Eros because of its high libido. Live hares were often presented as a gift of love. Now the hare is commonly associated with the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre. Many cultures, including the Chinese, Japanese and Mexican see a hare in the pattern of dark patches in the moon. The constellation Lepus is also taken to represent a hare.


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  • Features a durable and practical waterproof coating to prevent mess from muddy paws and uncomfortable soggy bedding, with a reversible cosy fleece side.
  • The water resistant non-slip base will ensure that the bed stays in place.
  • Hand wash / wipe clean only.


Large: (H) 28cm x (W) 66cm x (L) 61cm Suitable for a Bulldog or Standard Dachshund

X-Large: (H) 30cm x (W) 70cm x (L) 75cm Suitable for a Large Labrador or Boxer

XX-Large: (H) 30cm x (W) 80cm x (L) 85cm Suitable for a German Shepherd or Rottweiler

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