Lotus Grills

The LotusGrill® has groundbreaking features that make it perfect to barbecue outside at a variety of locations. The LotusGrill® is the unrivaled, portable BBQ for picnics, camping, caravanning and boating and is the most convenient BBQ for use at home.  A small battery operated fan works like a bellow, forcing air directly into the charcoal basket. As a result in, only 3-5 minutes the LotusGrill® is ready to use. The inimitable design of the charcoal basket and grill top prevent fat and oil dripping onto the charcoal, therefore dangerous flaring is avoided. As a result, this concept minimizes disturbing, unpredictable smoke and the harmful, toxic substances usually created by conventional charcoal barbecues.

The LotusGrill® is equipped with double walls, so the outer shell remains lukewarm to touch.

Unlike all other BBQs, only a very small amount of charcoal is required. With one basket filling you can economically barbecue at high temperature for 30-40 minutes. By regulating the airflow with the power knob, the temperature and barbecue time can be adapted and extended to uniquely control the cooking of the food.  Click here to download the latest Lotus Grill Brochure alternativly call into our showrooms to view the collection.

The standard Lotus Grill is available in 8 colours and the Lotus Grill XL is available in 6 colours.