Name by the first French-Canadian explorers, the “wicked” Maligne River powerfully carves through the Canadian Rockies. Likewise, the Maligne Spa holds nothing back in terms of therapeutic water flow matched with majestic curves. With 4 distinctive corner seats, and additional “cool down” areas, the Maligne will keep everyone comfortable. Top-quality controls and filtration keep water care simple, and a gracious waterfall completes this value-packed offering.

Maligne 25


Seating Capacity - 7 Adults

Dimensions - 218cm x 218cm x 102cm

Water Capacity - 1601 litres

Hot Tub Jets - (25) 3" Single Pulse Jets

Jet Pump - Two Speed Spa Pump

Prices - £5,499


 Maligne 39


Seating Capacity - 7 Adults

Dimensions - 218cm x 218cm x 102cm

Water Capacity - 1601 litres

Hot Tub Jets - (25) 3" Single Pulse Jets Plus 14 Air Jets

Jet Pump - Two Speed Spa Pump

Prices - £6,499


Maligne 45


Seating Capacity - 7 Adults

Dimensions - 218cm x 218cm x 102cm

Water Capacity - 1601 litres

Hot Tub Jets - (45) 3" Single Pulse Jets

Jet Pump - Two Speed Spa Pump & Single Speed Spa Pump

Prices - £6,999


Standard Features

Forever Floor™ Composite Structural Floor - It completely eliminates the need for foundation materials like concrete, decking or blocks. Just set it on firm, level ground, hook it up, fill and use. Installation has never been easier and your floor will last forever in any conditions. In addition, your portable spa is now truly portable. If you move spa locations , the foundation comes with you.

Self-Supporting “Heat Transfer” Composite Hull - Guaranteed to last a lifetime. The shell of an Arctic Spa hot tub is the core of our design, and as such, is uniquely designed to handle this function. We begin by vac-forming sheets of premium Premium Aristech Acylic® Cast Acrylic with Microban, transferring thousands of hours of mould design and engineering into a tactile form.

FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System - FreeHeat® Insulation Heatlock® was already the best in the industry – we made it even better! For 2011 we have taken our insulation to the next level. Already the best insulated cabinet in the world, our Heatlock® insulation system did not escape the exacting eye of our engineers.

Digital Spa Pack and Self-Diagnostic Topside Control - Arctic Spas® Management System. Advanced technology that is easy to use and ready for the future. The standard control system available on an Arctic Spa is the Gecko brand spa pack and topside. This premium-class control system is extremely dependable, and offers good serviceability and ease of use.

Western Red Cedar Cabinet with Total Access™ - A cabinet designed to last as long as a totem pole. Beauty, strength and total access are built into every Arctic Spas cabinet. We construct each cabinet using Western Canadian clear red furniture grade cedar.


Pulse™ Therapy Jets with Bearing-less Rotation - Amazing Hydrotherapy Jets Built For Your Hot Tub. The Pulse™ Bearing-less, Thread-in Hot Tub Jet. Arctic Spas® patented rotating, bearing-less Pulse™ jets provide a range of massage from light and refined to deep and invigorating. As the nozzle smoothly rotates on a titanium shaft, water oscillates in a pattern that never stings..

Optional Features

Essential Lighting - A great addition to set the ambience. The light up drink coasters and controls will give you the perfect lighting scheme for all your needs, while the underwater light will set the mood.


Essential Sound - Providing you with great sound in your spa, the Essential Sound System consists of 2 surface mounted speakers, and a powered sub-woofer. To keep you entertained, or to set the mood; you can’t go wrong.

Essential Ozone - Helps you to keep your water clear by oxidizing contaminants out of your water. This will reduce the amount of chemicals you are adding to your water, while helping to keep it crystal clear.

Essential Salt - A proprietary salt water care system to ensure crystal clear water. Our Dead Sea salts will not only ensure the crystal clear water you expect, but it will leave your skin smooth and silky while helping you relax. The ease of use will reduce the chemicals, as well as the work necessary to keep your water clean.

Therapy Air - Lighter, bubblier massage. Air, like water, can be used for therapeutic massage. Arctic Spas® offers an available therapy air package on all spas for frothy fun. We start with a powerful air blower that forces air out of multiple air jets throughout the spa for a gentle, bubbling massage that makes you tingle from head to toe.

Classic No Maintenance Cabinets - Our redesigned Classic No Maintenance cabinet borrows from our tried and proven cedar cabinet - we have replicated this beautiful and functional design in 100% composite materials.

Acrylic Colours - Every Arctic Spa is available in 6, no extra cost, beautiful shell colours, so you can choose the perfect match to your lifestyle and decour.

 Platinum Swirl  Ocean Wave  Mediterranean Sunset

  Dakota  Ponderosa  Kalahari

Skyfall Fogging System - SkyFall, Our new SkyFall® Fogger generates and cascades an ethereal mist onto the water’s surface of your Arctic Spa. Without the noise and splash of conventional water features, SkyFall® adds a dramatic, yet soothing aspect to your hot tub experience.

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