• Charnwood
    24th Jan 2019New clean air regulations and how they will affect you and your stove.

    The experts at Topstak in the Vale of Glamorgan answer your questions about the clean air regulations that come into force in 2022.

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  • Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas Hot Tub
    19th Jan 2019Transform your home with an Arctic Spa or a Coyote Spa Hot Tub from Topstak

    Introducing Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas at Topstak. These are hot tubs that always promise a relaxing and luxurious experience. 

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  • Clean burn with Topstak
    10th Dec 2018Clean burn with Topstak

    With the need to reduce emissions in order to address the pressing issue of a changing climate, Topstak is playing a key role in the Woodsure Ready to Burn scheme.

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  • Topstak's Christmas Trees Bring You Festive Cheer
    5th Dec 2018Bring festive cheer into your home with Topstak’s prime Christmas trees

    There’s only one thing missing before your home is the perfect picture of Christmas cheer – a lovely Christmas tree for Santa to put all the presents under! 

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  • Relighting Chimney Fire
    19th Nov 2018How to relight your chimney’s fire this winter

    We reveal how to banish the cold air and successfully warm up your chimney in the colder months. 

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