Get Your Outdoors Ready For Summer

17th Feb 2017

While we are only in the midst of February, and the heating is still on to keep us nice and cosy at home, who doesn’t like to think of the warmer times up ahead? One way to get into the summer mood early on in the year and make sure you’re ready to move the fun outdoors as soon as spring comes knocking is setting up a snug hot tub in your back yard.

What the Future Holds

Lucky for those of you who like to plan ahead, Topstak offers generous choice when it comes to hot tubs. Coming soon is our brand new 2017 hot tub range, which will feature some of our traditional bestsellers such as the expanded Arctic Spas range, as well as some cheaper alternatives which can also be plugged into a standard 13AMP socket for those of you looking for relaxation on a lean budget.

In the lead up to the launch of the new range, we will be selling off our 2016 showroom display models to make way for the brand new Arctic Spas we are introducing! If you want to take advantage of the sale, but you are unsure which type of hot tub is the right choice for your back garden, we have outlined the best features for each of the ranges we have left that we are looking to sell off:

Arctic Spas - The Extreme Ones

Designed to endure the toughest climates in the world, Arctic Spas® hot tubs are an ideal choice regardless of your location – thanks to being engineered for harsh Northern conditions with efficiency in mind, the Arctic Spas provide piece of mind, reliability and economy across the globe.

These quality outdoor tubs are built intelligently from the highest quality materials to accommodate temperature fluctuations of more than 60 C between summer and winter, guaranteeing easier maintenance and lower running costs across all climates.

With over 20 years history of excellence, Arctic Spas have revolutionised hot tub experience, making it more fun, more relaxing and a lot easier. These pioneers amongst hot tubs’ two best known merits are the constant pushing of the industry’s technological limits, and the creation of stunning hot tubs for extreme climates.

Tub-Tub – The Carry-On Ones

Combining the best quality materials and the hottest trends in design, the Dutch masterpiece Tub-Tub® range boasts longevity and ease of transport – whether it’s on a trailer or the back of a truck, weighing only 90 kilos the tub is easier to pack up and move than most. The coil and pipes are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion, while the polyester tubs themselves are covered in gelcoat as fading and weathering protection – allowing you to enjoy your durable tub in its best possible condition for years to come. The Tub-Tubs’ double-skin construction ensures the heat stays inside the tub, while also boosting its overall strength.

The Tub-Tubs can comfortably fit four adults on the seating dome inbuilt inside, and can be easily filled or emptied through the booster garden hose connection. Available in an array of colours, these hot tubs are easy to set up and can be accessorised with add-ons specifically designed for the Tub-Tub range. With this exquisite choice, all that would be left for you to do before enjoying the relaxing warmth of water which has been heated naturally is to fill it up with clean water and stoke up the fire!

Accessories – The Bit on The Side

Once you have selected your ideal hot tub to add to your back garden, all you are missing are the finishing touches. To make the most of the relaxation your tub offers, you can look into adding little bits which make a big difference: whether it’s a handrail to keep you steady as you get in and out of the majestic warmth, storage steps to keep snacks and drinks handy, or a robe three to help you achieve a full spa feeling, we can deliver!


If you would like to find out more about the hot tub ranges Topstak has to offer, stop by our showrooms and snag yourself a display model from our clearance sale, or contact us with any queries you have. Or, if you have your sights set on the Topstak-exclusive Tub-Tub, you can forgo the wait and get your portable hot tub as soon as you like from our online shop

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