Hot New Hot Tub Collections for the Summer

24th May 2017

Soak in the summer sunshine

With spring nearing its end and summer just around the corner, the season of outdoor activity is approaching us full steam ahead – the number of weekend barbeques and drinks in the back garden are increasing in direct proportion to the sunny day we are getting. Having your friends or family around for a couple of beers or a nice burger is pretty much a guarantee for a good time, but the one thing which can tip the scales and turn your Saturday night from an alright time to a blast is a hot tub where you can wind down at the end of the evening.

As we recently shared, Topstak has added a brand new range of Arctic Spas to expand the generous variety of hot tubs we offer – the new range features both classic bestsellers from the high-profile manufacturers along with cheaper alternatives to suit the more modest summer budgets.

Take a closer look at the best new models we have to offer this season:

The Affordable Ones (starting at £4,999)


This lovely open plan hot tub offers a variety of upright seating and is built to fit up to 5 people – the Timberwolf is ideal is you are looking for simple comfort and relaxation with a small footprint.


Value meets comfort and versatility in Arctic Spas’ Baffin – distinguished from other models by its roomy lounger balanced with two strategically placed therapy seats, the Baffin ticks all the boxes. With these three main areas for seating being the epicentre of most of the jets, this tub provides day to day therapy efficiently, while still allowing space for extra visitors looking to take a dip.


Aptly named after the Maligne River flowing through the Canadian Rockies, the Maligne hot tub does not compromise when it comes down to the majestic therapeutic water flow combined with powerful curves. This tub promises to keep everyone comfortable with its four corner seats and additional ‘cool down’ areas, complete with exceptional water care, filtration and top-quality controls.

The Upgrades (higher specced versions of Collection 1)

Baffin 45

The Baffin 45 takes the standard model up a notch by offering 45 jets and 2 pumps – a luxury feature from which the signature lounger benefits the most, as it allows for more leg jets to take care of your feet after a long day. The rest of the additional jets are added into all seating spaces from upper to lower back to provide a next level spa experience.

Maligne 45

This upgraded Maligne model offers 20 more jets than the original, along with a second powerful pump, the primary seating areas being the ones to benefit from the additional features. This exquisite tub offers rotating and pulsating jets spa therapy targeting the lumbar areas and upper back.

We are due to have several of these models in our showroom in the next few weeks, and you can try them out for yourself before you buy – just bring a swimsuit to change into in our on-site changing rooms!

All of the above models (excluding the Timberwolf) come equipped with the structural Forever Floor™ which means you can do away with investing in additional foundation materials and enjoy your spa being fully portable. Moreover, all models offer the Arctic Spa FreeHeat® Insulation Heatlock®, which is one of the best in the hot tub industry. You can also upgrade your hot tub further with additional features – from a variety of lighting packages and a whole palette of acrylic colours to a salt water system and the Essential Sound System.

Stop by our showrooms to find out more about the new hot tub collections Topstak has to offer, or contact us with any queries you have.

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