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5th Jun 2017

Treat your father to something unexpected this summer 

With the fast approach of Father’s Day, most people find themselves scrambling for gift ideas – what would be the one thing to bring a smile to their dad’s face? If you want to do better than buying your father yet another shirt or a tie he’d never wear this year, we’ve put together some ideas for gifts which will warm his heart and are likely to come in handy during the summer weekends ahead!

Which came first – the Egg or the burger?

If budget is not an issue and you are really looking to surprise your dad with a quality present, the MiniMax Big Green Egg is an excellent choice. It comes complete with a whole array of tools and accessories like a fire grate, grill gripper, ash tool, fire starters and much more, sparing you from having to look for all the necessities individually.

The MiniMax is the ideal gift if your dad is a fan of barbeques, and generally a cooking connoisseur – it’s a fantastic blend of oven, grill and a smoker, which surpasses conventional cookers and will allow him to prepare all sorts of food all year long.

It will also come in handy and be greatly appreciated by you father if he is a fan of camping, as it has all the functionalities of a large BBQ in a high performance and compact package, ideal for when he is on the move.

Grill on the go

Are you looking for something of similar functionality but for a tighter budget? You need not look further – our Lotus Grill is the perfect gift for your dad. The grill is made with travellers in mind – it’s smokeless, robust and quick, with a grill time of just 3 minutes, and weighs less than 4 kg.

As an additional treat, you can buy the Lotus Grill in a variety of colours, and it comes in an ‘easy-to-carry’ case, for the benefit of your father’s cooking adventures on the go.

Pair with BBQ tongs in the same colour to complement your dad’s new grill.

Dress to impress

Keeping in line with the BBQ-lover theme, another way to pleasantly surprise your father with an unusual present is with a Leather Apron. Our authentic aprons are made with high quality vegetable tanned saddle. The materials used are of Dutch origin, and each product is made by hand, meaning no two aprons are the same. What’s more, since leather becomes more beautiful with wear, your dad’s apron is guaranteed to be not only functional, but also an eye-catcher for years to come.

We offer the leather aprons in a variety of models, sizes (S-XL) and colours, in combinations of split and grain leather.

Put the kettle on

A good cup of tea is always in season, so a quality AGA Whistling Kettle will make for a timeless Father’s Day present. With this gift your dad will be able to relax with a well-deserved cuppa after a long day of work – and best of all, the kettle will whistle when it’s ready!

Prep for meal prep

If you can’t afford to splash out for presents this summer and would like to keep the Father’s Day gift bill under £50, worry not – there’s still plenty of unique ideas for surprising your dad available to you!

We offer a whole array of kitchen accessories if your dad enjoys being in the cooking spotlight. Make sure his meal preps go smoothly with one of the various Joseph Joseph chopping boards we have available like:

  • The luxurious Joseph Joseph Index Advance Chopping Board Set which boasts specialised features for each of its boards, such as crumb-catching grooves on the white cooked food board, a sloping rim for catching food and liquids on the green vegetable board and an integrated fish-grip on the blue seafood board
  • One of our colourful standalone Joseph Joseph chopping boards, which are all made from toughened glass and complete with non-slip rubber feet to make sure you have a hygienic, stain- and odour-resistant surface for your food preparation. Available in a range of designs such as Tomato, Onion and the splendidly colourful Tutti- Fruity.
Not what you had in mind for your dad’s gift? We have plenty more present options to offer – you can browse the full variety of accessories in our Online Shop or visit our showrooms and handpick the ideal Father’s Day gift.  

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