Inside Local Homes: 10 Stylish Wood Burning Stoves

13th Sep 2017

Woodburning stove inspiration for your living room look

It’s very often the case when we are on the hunt for interior design ideas that we end up speaking looks inside someone else's house and how they’ve decorated – hence the growing popularity of image-led social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. This month, to inspire your living room makeover ahead of the winter months, we’ve picked out ten stylish stove setups our clients have shared with us: 

1. Contura 850 Wall Hung stove

Vale of Glamorgan

Well known for their value and distinctive Scandinavian styling which can be at home in both modern and traditional settings, the stoves from the Contura range are designed to provide an easy to control clean burn. The Contura 850 model takes inspiration from the famous superelipse – its compact and attractive shape makes it very easy to position, even in small spaces.

2. Tonwerk T-Eye

Tonwerk are a known for manufacturing heat storage stoves that combine the pleasant with the useful, in a typically Swiss manner: maximum energy yield with minimum wood consumption, and hours of gentle radiated heat for natural well-being. The stunningly crafted T-Eye model be easily rotated through 360 degrees on its designer base, allowing you to enjoy the calming flickering of the flames from any part of your living room. The stove is also optimally structured to ensure your floors remain ash-free, as it’s fuelled from above. 

3. Contura 710



Another stunning model from our Contura collection, the Contura 710 boasts slick angular design, which makes it very easy to position - the new, simple style stove without glass side panels fits neatly in a corner. The contemporary Swedish design of the Contura makes the stove an obvious choice if you are looking to create a focal point for any room without compromising on floor space.

4. Contura 35 Low (White)

Llantwit Major

A great contemporary model from our Contura range, the Contura 35 low is an incredibly versatile wood burning stove: available in a choice of white or sober black steel, with a glass front of cast iron doors. All the stoves also feature glass top and side glass areas to allow better visibility of the fire.

In the words of our lovely customer: ‘…our beautiful Wood burner… is the focal point of our living room even during the summer it feels wrong not to light it…I would recommend Topstak to all that wish to upgrade their home with a wood burner, whichever model you choose it will be worth every penny spent’

5. Contura 510 (Cast iron door) 

All of the stoves in the 500 series of our Contura collection are compact, easy to position and made of painted metal. With a top connected chimney and floor plate, the stove takes up very little space in your home, while being highly efficient in heating large areas. The Contura 510 model with cast iron door has been rejuvenated in style, with larger glass areas in the door and an even more efficient firebox. The model is available in black or grey with a cast iron top, glass top or soapstone top.

6. Harrie Leenders Pharos Interior

Vale of Glamorgan


The stoves from the Harrie Leenders range are designed in Holland, and boast over 25 years of reputation for innovation and perfectionism. The Pharos Interior model is a modern and naturally shaped fire, which is suspended organically from the ceiling for a unique effect. The Pharos also offers three rotation options – fixed, 2x60 degrees or 360 degrees rotation.

7. Contura 586



The Contura 586 is another fantastic model from our Contura range - a colourful mix of old and new, this stove will bring charm into any home and create soothing ambience with its visible flames. Black and compact, the wood-burning Contura 586 can take a prominent place in the room as a statement piece as well as a source of heat.

8. Contura 556



The Contura 556 is s a development of our most popular models from the Contura collection 500 series. With cleaner lines and improved functions, the glass door stove will bring a light, modern appearance to any style home. The generous side lights of the 556 Style also mean the fire can be from different angles of the room, whether you’re eating or relaxing on the sofa.

9. Stuv 16/58 Cube

Vale of Glamorgan

All the stoves from the Stuv range are remarkably efficient and have all the advantages of high quality and innovative design. The Stuv 16/58 Cube is the freestanding version of the highly successful series of 16 inset stoves which boast a very large glass front and exceptional clean burning efficiency. The Stuv Cube is ideal for a contemporary freestanding setting, or as traditional inglenook fireplace.

10. Clearview Pioneer 400



The Clearview Stoves are considered to be one of the best and most reliable clean burning wood and multifuel stoves available on the market. The easy to use patented superheated airwash system provides amazing control and ensures the double glazed doors stay clean for a 'Clearview' of the fire. The traditional Clearview metallic black finish with brass handles is a popular choice for all models, but other colour finishes like the new Charcoal grey, which looks great with the optional satin chrome handles, are also available. The single door Pioneer 400 is available with a choice of leg heights, and an optional log stand can be used to replace the legs.


For more stove-centric interior design inspiration, check out the Topstak Instagram account, or browse our selection of stoves and create your own unique décor based around your favourite wood burner!

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