5 New Year’s resolutions for maintaining your stove

5th Jan 2018

new year stove

As we welcome another new year, it is tradition to make some resolutions for the months ahead. At Topstak we have been thinking of New Year’s resolutions for your stove, so that you can make the most of your home in 2018.

phil owens

Phil Owens, who works in Sales, regularly advises our customers on purchasing their ideal stove, so he gave us five resolutions that everyone should try to stick to this year:

1. Ensure that your chimney is swept regularly

For a chimney that works effectively throughout the year, my advice is that it should be swept at least once a year, but twice a year if you are burning solid mineral fuel. This is very important as cleaning the chimney means a reduced risk of a chimney fire. Make sure that you hire someone that has a sweeping certificate to carry out the job, as then you can be confident that the job will be completed effectively. Topstak offer a chimney cleaning service, so please contact us to book.

2. Keep the glass clean

To make sure that you can always enjoy the view of your fire, I would recommend purchasing some glass cleaner as this will mean that your glass is always sparkling. The cleaners are also easy to use as you just spray, rub with a cloth and wipe away with warm water.


3. Only burn well-seasoned, good quality logs

If you want your wood-burner to be warming your home for years, then you need to burn well-seasoned and good quality logs. For example, seasoned hard woods such as ash, oak, birch and sycamore are a lot denser than softwoods so burn for longer and are more efficient. Good quality logs also provide less build-up of soot in the chimney and consequently the stove’s glass doesn’t become dirty.

4. Use air controls correctly

From my experience, many customers think that the air controls on a stove are the temperature control. However, they are actually there to allow more air into the combustion chamber when you are first lighting or re-fuelling. If the air controls are left open for too long they can damage the stove. Equally, if the air controls are shut down too much the glass will soot up and tar will build up in the chimney. Therefore it is essential that you use the air controls correctly.

5. Make sure that your logs are stored correctly

For your final resolution, I would recommend that that your logs are stored correctly all year round. Your logs should be placed where they can be kept dry in all weathers, so we have a variety of log stores at Topstak which can suit your needs. It might sound obvious, but this resolution will make a huge difference when you burn your logs!

If you would like more advice about stove maintenance, then chat to Phil or another member of the team on 01446 771567 and they will be happy to help. 

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