Spring Stove Sales: Why you should get a stove this spring

26th Apr 2018

With the cold winter days well behind us and the sunshine slowly making its way into our lives, it’s easy to forget the days when warming up your home was a priority. However, we are of the opinion that there’s no time like the present to add a stove to your household appliances, and here’s why:

Bagging a bargain

Now that the main ‘stove season’ has passed, many retailers will likely be offering their 2017 models at discounted prices to make way for seasonal merchandise. Here at Topstak we are knocking 20% off some of our gorgeous ex display stoves, so you can really bag a great deal!

Warming the windy nights

Even though the long chilly nights are a distant memory this time of the year, the fickle weather still occasionally surprises us with the occasional cold spring spell. Having a stove allows you an efficient way to warm up your house instead of relying on central heating or pesky thermostats.

Having a stove in spring means you can heat your room to a much higher temperature whenever you need, and save money while doing so, as wood burning is decidedly more cost-efficient than fuels such as electricity, gas or oil. Fire wood is also more eco-friendly, as it’s the only home heating energy source with no carbon footprint.

Not depending on electricity also means should any blackouts happen during a particularly strong summer storm, you’ll still have the comfortable warmth of the wood burning in your stove!

Liven up the living room

Even when you’re not actually using your wood burning stove, it can make a fantastic focal point in your living space. Since most of today’s stoves are designed with beauty as well as functionality in mind, you have a range of styles, shapes and finishes to choose from. Wood burning stoves are also a great solution in you want to inject comfort into smaller spaces without making them looked cramped with a full-size fireplace. 

Whether you are looking to create some romance by watching the crackling flames with a loved one as you sip wine, or simply looking for a trusted source of comfort and warmth, having a stove in your home has year-round perks!

Enjoy the benefits of buying a stove in spring yourself, and get 20% off selected ex-display stoves. You can also browse our full range of wood burning stoves and choose the best match for your home.

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