Ecodesign Ready Stoves

15th Jun 2018

With all the bad press wood burning has been getting recently, facts can get lost in the noise (or flame).

We put together some industry facts from the Stove Industry Alliance to help you make better sense of how Ecodesign Ready Stoves are a cut above the rest, and the choices you have if you want to look after the environment and burn wood at home.

A European-wide campaign dedicated to lowering emissions, Ecodesign is due to come into effect for UK stoves in 2022, and enforce a PM emission limit 55% lower than the current one for DEFRA-exempt stoves.

The heart(h) of the matter

While it’s true that burning wood produces particulate matter (PM), how much of it is actually produced is largely dependent on the method used to burn the wood. Research shows that particulate emissions can be reduced by 80% compared to an old stove and 90% compared to an open fire.

It’s important to note that even DEFRA’s Clean Air Strategy recognises that wood burning can be done in different ways, and that particulate emissions (PM) can be reduced if more households used Ecodesign Ready Stoves. 

What makes Ecodesign Ready stoves different?

Designed to reduce PM emissions through the complete and efficient burning of wood, SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves have been tested to ensure they meet the minimum efficiency and emissions criteria for Ecodesign.

The installation of SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves with the aim of reducing emissions from wood burning is supported both by DEFRA and the Mayor of London, who showed his support by sponsoring Evening Standard adverts which encourage Londoners to purchase DEFRA-exempt stoves which are also Ecodesign Ready.

Here are a few of the SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves already available in the Topstak showrooms, which will meet the Ecodesign requirements when they come into force.


The oldest British manufacturer of wood burning stoves, Charnwood specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality wood burning. Designed to meet DEFRA requirements for smoke control exemption, their design allows wood to be burnt in smoke control areas.


The Contura range of stoves is well known for value and distinctive Scandinavian styling perfect for modern and traditional settings. They are designed to provide an easy to control and clean burn.


Chesneys is a well-known brand offering a comprehensive range of steel and cast iron stoves. Most models are designed for wood burning only versions approved for burning wood in smoke control areas.


Scan stoves combine the best of Danish design, craftsmanship and skilful engineering. They are designed to provide really efficient heat by ensuring the wood is burnt cleanly and with a great view of the fire. Scan has also won many international awards for outstanding design.

Are you planning home improvements this summer? No time like the present to switch your old wood burner or open fire for an SIA Ecodesign Ready stove which creates less PM emissions while providing the same quality heat and ambience.

Check out the range of wood-burning stoves we have in stock in our showrooms well ahead of Ecodesign!  Find out more about Ecodesign ready stoves.

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