The health benefits of Arctic Spas

2nd Jul 2018

You may have noticed by now, but here at Topstak we are big hot tub fans – in fact, some of our team members have one at home. From unwinding in the warmth after a long day to spending a sunny summer weekend enjoying the massage features, having a hot tub is undoubtedly beneficial for both your health and your frame of mind.

The health benefits of Arctic Spas

When it comes to health treatments, Artic Spas hot tubs are a fantastic tool for hydrotherapy. A form of medicine aimed at providing pain relief and similar treatments via partial or full submersion in water, hydrotherapy is an incredibly popular form of treatment nowadays.

Hot tub hydrotherapy offers the added benefit of warmer water temperature and water jets, amongst others. The numerous wellness and health benefits of hot tub therapeutic treatments include:

  • Lower back pain relief
  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Muscle recovery and fitness

…and more

Warm-water jets, hot tub immersion and other forms of hydrotherapy show positive health benefits for people of all ages, from younger children to senior citizens.

Recreational benefits of Arctic Spas

In addition to providing hydrotherapy and pain relief treatments right in your own back garden, the Arctic Spas hot tubs offer a range of perks completely unrelated to the various health benefits.

They are great for spending quality family time together, soaking and playing with the kids in the tub. Chilling out in the garden with the lights on in the tub under the stars is also a really relaxing way to let off some steam after a day’s work!

You can enjoy the many perks of the Arctic Spas hot tubs, regardless of the size of your garden – the Topstak team are able to crane in your tub of choice in almost any space, and without charging your outlandish fees!

Don’t just take our word for it! We reached out to Tim Davies of Whitchurch, who recently has a Klondiker hot tub installed and asked him to share his experience:

Thanks to Phil and the team at Topstak for an excellent service throughout the whole process of buying and setting up our Arctic Spas Klondiker tub. From the initial scoping of options and decisions to be made, I found Topstak a professional and knowledgeable team who kept me informed throughout the whole process from purchase, delivery and installation. Didn’t have to worry about a thing! Thanks!

Arctic Spa Hot Tub Offers & New Models

We’ve added some new models to our range of Arctic Spas which have just been released – check them out below! There’s also an offer on our display tubs available in our showrooms, so come on in for a visit and enjoy an even better price on your hot tub (starting from £4999)!


Lay back and massage your stress away in this single lounger spa. Designed for 6, there is ample room for all. With special focus on target areas, you can relax in comfort in this contoured spa.


This contoured, open concept design offers multi-level seating for up to 8 people. Whether it is the family, or you are entertaining for the evening, there is room for everyone. With an exceptionally large footwell and spacious seating design, you will have no problems finding a relaxing and therapeutic spot to accommodate your needs.


The Glacier is the ideal hot tub for a couple, but with room enough for friends or family if required. This spa has two swivel seats and two therapy seats, all at different levels, plus a cool-down seat – should you need it!

If you need expert advice on which the best hot tub is for you, contact the Topstak team and we’ll help you find the best match! 

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