Before using a wood burning stove for the first time this autumn, do these 5 quick checks

24th Aug 2018

With summer on its way out and the autumn chill gradually creeping in, the days of curling up by the fire with a good book and a hot cuppa are nearly upon us. If you are using a wood burning stove for the first time since spring, taking the time to do a few essential checks will save you a lot of hassle.

We called upon our wood burning stove experience and put together a list of the five most important things to check before lighting a log burner:

1. Check your wood burner seals, firebricks and baffle plate


Clearview Pioneer

The wood burner seals are an essential part of keeping your stove running efficiently, so you want to make sure they are all ship shape before lighting your stove. You should check the condition of the fire rope, glass gasket seal and ensure your firebricks and baffle plate are in sound condition.

If you spot any damages, you can buy a replacement from our range of wood burner fire rope, firebricks and baffle plates to ensure your stove is working properly in time for autumn.

2. Give your wood burner a paint


Clearview 650

Make the most of the remaining summer days and spruce up your stove with some high temperature wood burning stove paint! We often get clients asking us: ‘Can you paint a wood burning stove?’, and the answer is yes, absolutely.

That being said, you should keep a few things in mind. Before applying the coats of wood burning stove paint, prepare the surface well. You should also take care when lighting the log burner for the first time and make sure your windows are open to let out any log burner paint fumes while the paint is curing.

Complete the look of your newly painted wood burner stove with some stylish and handy stove accessories from our online store.

3. Stock up on logs for your wood burning stove


Contura 820T

If you’ve had your stove for a while, you know how much firewood you need for winter in the UK, so you can go ahead and bulk buy the logs for your wood burning stove. We recommend you use high quality air-dried or kiln dried firewood to get the cleanest burn and the most heat from your fire.

You can order a variety of firewood and kindling from our online shop or grab it from our showrooms.

We also have a range of log stores where you can keep your firewood so it remains in dry condition and well ventilated throughout the winter.

4. Have your chimney swept


HWAM 3120

We advise our customers to have their chimney swept at least once a year, ideally before the end of summer. A clean chimney gives you the peace of mind that your flue is clean and clear of any blockages.

Contact us to book an appointment with our HETAS approved and NACS registered chimney sweeps who will issue a certificate on completion.

5. Check your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Last but not least, you should always make sure your carbon monoxide alarm is in top shape before lighting a log burner. If you’re using your wood burning stove for the first time this season, take the time to do a thorough test of your carbon monoxide alarm first for maximum safety and test on a regular basis. If you need an alarm Topstak stock the Honeywell XC70 alarms which are available online or from our showrooms.

Get in touch with our team of experts to find out more about caring for your wood burning stove. 

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