Bring festive cheer into your home with Topstak’s prime Christmas trees

5th Dec 2018

Bring festive cheer into your home with Topstak's prime Christmas trees

It is that time of the year again – the advent calendars have been ripped into by the kids, the Christmas markets are up, and the Christmas shopping has been well under way since Black Friday. There’s only one thing missing before your home is the perfect picture of Christmas cheer – a lovely Christmas tree for Santa to put all the presents under!

Here at Topstak we’ve put our festive spirit to good use – just outside the front of our Cowbridge showroom is a purpose marquee packed full of lovely, locally grown trees which are waiting eagerly to come with you and fill your house with joy!

Our Christmas trees come from an excellent pedigree - Welsh Christmas tree producers Gower Christmas Trees, who grow Topstak’s lovely trees, won the Christmas Tree competition organized annually by the British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association a couple of years ago, earning the most distinguished honor of the year for British Christmas tree producers – having their Christmas tree decorate Downing Street’s prestigious Pillared state drawing room.

If you wish to snatch one of these Number 10-worthy trees for yourself this year, we offer a wide range with something to suit everyone’s home:

1. Fraser Fir

If a full, well-shaped Christmas tree is what you’re after, the Fraser Fir is the tree for you – it boasts exceptional needle holding qualities, strong branches to hold all the ornaments you might like to adorn it with and is overall a first-class option.

2. Nordmann Fir

The next contender for you attentions is a sturdy choice of a slightly higher price, due to the fact that it grows more slowly – meaning it has more time to develop its exquisite glossy needles, straight branches and a bushy body, which is ideal if you use a lot of garlands in decorating it and want to give your ornaments a cozy, tucked-in feel.

3. Korean Fir

For those of you who associate Christmas not just with the image of a tree, but also with its smell mixed in with the aroma of freshly baked cookies or the clementines in the fruit bowl, the Korean Fir is your ideal option! Because of its longevity, this tree is likely to last you into the next year, and you have the added bonus of having cones hiding between the branches, to add that natural feel to your décor.

All of the tress come in a variety of sizes (prices start from £25), they are non-drop and we can even add in a tree stand (from £14) to ensure you have a fuss-free Christmas tree experience this year.

Have a favourite yet? Want to pick yours out in person? Then why not make a family day trip to our Cowbridge showroom, where you will enjoy a warm welcome in the coffee shop, treat yourself to a choice of freshly baked cakes, snacks and refreshments, and even do some more Christmas shopping while the children play with all the toys we have to keep them entertained.

Snowed under pre-Christmas paperwork? Juggling making a costume for your kids’ school play with PTA meetings and trying to find the perfect present for your mother-in-law? Then contact us to take advantage of our Christmas tree delivery service* and get yourself a prime tree direct to your door this December.

*not free of charge

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