Transform your home with an Arctic Spa or a Coyote Spa Hot Tub from Topstak

19th Jan 2019

Arctic Spa Hot Tub

These hot tubs are perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious way to enjoy the outdoors, as they can be used in any weather. They have also been engineered to provide a relaxing and reliable experience for many years.

Arctic Spas- Engineered For Any Climate

These hot tubs were developed in Northern Canada and have been made to be used in any climate. They are also incredibly energy efficient and are very easy to maintain. Arctic have listened to what their customers want and have created a beautiful hot tub that works as well as it looks!

 Unique features include:

  • A ‘Heat Transfer’ pure fibreglass shell that has been manufactured especially to last a lifetime
  • A world-leading FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System
  • Premium digital controls which mean that these hot tubs are easy to use
  • A cabinet that is easily accessible
  • Pulse jets which can be altered to give the user either a light or deep invigorating massage
Coyote Spa Hot Tub

Coyote Spas- A Therapeutic Hot Tub

If you are looking for a hot tub that will relieve stress and be therapeutic, then choose a Coyote Spa as they have been specially designed for therapy. From having lumbar support to its stress reducing jets, a Coyote Spa is all you need to relax.

Unique features include: 

  • Ergonomic seating which can support any body type
  • Stress reducing jets which have been designed for muscle therapy
  • The option to have TV and music built into the cabinet
  • Cabinets have been made using materials that are easy to clean  
  • Available in different colours (from grey to redwood) and there is the option to add in a lighting system for maximum relaxation

 If you would like to find out more about our range of hot tubs, please do not hesitate to call us.

We also have a range of Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas on display in our Cowbridge showroom, so please pop in and we will be happy to show you each model. 

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