New clean air regulations and how they will affect you and your stove.

24th Jan 2019

The experts at Topstak in the Vale of Glamorgan answer your questions about the clean air regulations that come into force in 2022.

Frequently asked questions.

Q: I have had a wood burning stove for many years – will I have to change it ?

No, all stoves that are already installed will continue to be legal.

Q: Do the new regulations mean that I can no longer buy a wood burning stove?

No, you can still buy a wood burning stove, such as the Eco Ready models we stock at Topstak.  Although you won’t legally be required to buy an eco ready stove until 2022, we are advising all our customers to buy stoves that comply with the forthcoming regulations.  By choosing an SIA Ecodesign ready stove you are helping to cut harmful emissions and improve air quality.


Q: Are the new Eco Ready stoves very expensive?

The price of the legislation compliant stoves is comparable to any other high calibre stove.  We always advise our customers to buy quality stoves, as they perform so much better, giving out more heat with less fuel – and saving you money ultimately.  They are also less likely to smoke up and block your view of the flames through the glass. 

Q: I would like to help the environment as much as I can. Apart from buying a more eco friendly stove, what else can I do?

Buying kiln dried wood to a moisture content of less than 20% or firewood that is seasoned under 20% moisture, Topstaks firewood is compliant with the Woodsure ‘Ready To Burn’ scheme, you can read more about this here.  The wetter the wood, the more emissions are released, less heat is generated and more tar and soot deposits will dirty the chimney. Also, wetter wood smokes up the glass in your stove, so you can’t see the fire.  Avoid buying wood if it’s not from a reputable source, apart from the wetness, it might contain preservatives and additives that are bad for you, and bad for the environment, and these toxins will be released as the wood burns.

Q: What is the situation with a multi fuel stove – will I still be able to burn coal?

Yes at the moment nothing has changed but it is likely the sale of bituminous house coal will be prevented in the future, but the sale of smokeless fuel is likely to continue. No final decision has been made about this.

Further information about wood burning stoves and industry certified kiln dried wood is available from Topstak.

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