Chesney's HEAT

25th Mar 2019

The HEAT range is a great way to get outside more often, come rain or shine. Employing the innovative technology employed in our collection of indoor wood burning stoves, Chesney's have created 5 unique products which produce hardly any smoke, run on very little fuel and are a safe and effective way to live and entertain outdoors.

Chesney's has a reputation for excellence in interior design. But they have always had an eye on the way our customers’ lives are changing.

Chesney's saw an increasing desire to make the outdoors part of their lives, So they set our sights on creating the first outdoor wood burning stove but which could also work as a barbecue; the first dual-function appliance of its type.


The Heat & Grill and Gourmet Range are the first single appliances on the market to successfully combine an efficient outdoor heater with a barbecue.


The heat is delivered from a sealed chamber, meaning that the burn rate and heat output can be regulated by a simple control system.


The Heat range of Heater Barbecues employs the same technology used in our range of indoor wood burning stoves and therefore only produce a clean burn.


The Heat range allows a generous but protected view of the fire not only making it a highly atmospheric experience but reducing any need to move if the wind changes direction.

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