Other Fuels

Megatherm Logs

These are made from compressed Beech wood waste, that's clean and user friendly.

The logs burn really hot and are ideal for slow burning. Many people break them in half and use them with seasoned wood.

The handy packs are wrapped in plastic for easy handling and storage.

£5.95 per bundle inc. VAT
Buy 10 Packs, Get 1 Free



These handy 3" (75mm) briquettes are made from extruded lignite brown coal. They are easy to light, long burning and give a bright lively flame.

A good compliment or alternative to burning logs.

£9.50 per 20kg bag inc. VAT

Smokeless Coal

Blaze premium smokeless fuel for open fires and multi fuel stoves. Blaze give a good heat output with an attractive flame. Low ash volumes and easy to light.

£9.50 per 20kg bag inc. VAT