Installing a New Chimney

Installing a new chimney requires professional advice.  At Topstak, our team is HETAS registered and we are here to help you every step of the way.  We offer a choice of systems to suit all styles of property including barn conversions which often require a metal chimney above the roof to meet with planning regulations.


Relining Old Chimneys

It is common to find that old chimneys are in a poor condition and can leak fumes, particularly if the flue is not lined. Over time hot smoke, tars and acids eat into the chimney walls and erode mortar joints causing staining to the exterior stone or brickwork, and leakage of dangerous fumes into the property. Large and uneven flues can also create poor up draught causing smoke to blow back into the room.


Inglenook Chimneys

Large open fires or "Inglenook Fireplaces" as they are often called are a popular focal point. If you want to have a large open fireplace, it is important for the chimney to be designed properly with a suitable gather and a flue size that is correctly calculated to match the fireplace area. You will also need to have sufficient permanent ventilation into the room to ensure that the fire can work safely with a good draught up the flue. Topstak supplies a choice of systems for building a large open fireplace and chimney to suit.