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Etna 600 Pizza Oven & Stand

£799.00 inc. VAT

Etna 600 Pizza Oven & Stand also comes with a free paddle

Brand New product available at Topstak!

The Etna 600 Wood fired Pizza Oven is the embodiment of a classic Italian artisan pizza oven. Hand built with pride, beautifully designed and compact, the Etna 600 artisan wood fired pizza oven is not only perfect for making artisan pizzas at home, but will also make a wonderful centrepiece in any garden. Based on the traditional Italian wood fired oven shape, the Etna 600 oven is the most aesthetically pleasing on the market.
With the ability to reach temperatures of around 500°c, our oven will cook 1 large or 2 x 10 inch pizzas in under 2 minutes. Its heat retaining material will keep a consistent temperature for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.
But don’t think that pizzas are your only party piece here! The Etna 600 will happily bake bread, slow roast your favourite meats and vegetables, smoke fish or ribs and even bake a batch of brownies! There really isn’t a lot the Etna 600 won’t allow you to cook.
As the heat from the oven subsides, you can all gather round and use its warmth as a patio heater as the night draws in.


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