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Pioneering Austroflamm Stoves

Austroflamm have led the way for innovative and striking stove designs for the past 30 years. Regarded as pioneers within the stove industry, Austroflamm have worked to create a collection of stoves like no other. Highlighting the view of the fire burning, Austroflamm have given each of their stoves large windows, so you can see the flames from anywhere in the room. Explore our range of Austroflamm stoves below.

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Contemporary Austroflamm stoves

With so many different shapes, sizes, styles and colours available, Austroflamm have designed a stove to suit every space. From the slim Austroflamm Flynn Xtra with a white outer trim, to the uniquely designed Clou Compact or larger Clou Xtra with a circular window, Austroflamm have produced a range of stoves with unique features and elements. Alongside these contemporary designs is Austroflamm’s ground-breaking heat technology, with some of their stoves able to hold heat for up to 12 hours.

For innovative style and advanced technology, take a look at Austroflamm’s contemporary stoves.

Traditional Austroflamm stoves

The most traditional of Austroflamm’s stoves is the Austroflamm Wien. As an Austroflamm woodburner, this stove has been designed to be freestanding and robust, with a rounded window into the fire. Understanding the need for more subtle and traditional looking heat products, Austroflamm have designed this stove to meet your everyday needs.

Selecting your Austroflamm stove

When choosing a new stove for your home, it’s important to consider how much space you have available, how well insulated your house is, which brand you’re most interested in and which fuel type you’d prefer to use. Once you have answers to each of these questions, you can use our stove selector to help you choose the stove for you.

If you know you want an Austroflamm stove but can’t choose between the Austroflamm G1, the Austroflamm Dexter and the Austroflamm Ivy, use our stove selector and we’ll help you choose the stove that’s most suitable for your home.

Access our stove selector here.