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Our Harrie Leenders Stoves

Harrie Leenders stoves have been manufacturing wood burning stoves since 1979 and are proud to offer a wide selection of efficient stoves in eye-catching designs. Appreciating the value of even the smallest of details, Harrie Leenders stoves are each built by hand and worked on for as long as they need. Unwilling to rush the manufacturing process, all stoves made by Harrie Leenders are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

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Eco Design

Enclosed Woodburning stoves

Specialising in wood burning stoves, the majority of Harrie Leenders stoves are enclosed, with a window to view the fire through. Using this classic feature, Harrie Leenders explore varying shapes and styles of stoves throughout their collection. From wall mounted fireplaces like the Lobbe Compact, to freestanding column stoves like the Doran fireplace, Harrie Leenders takes classic features of traditional stoves and uses them to create unique and contemporary designs.

Open Ceiling Suspended fireplaces

Beginning to explore the potential of open fireplaces, Harrie Leenders have created the Harrie Leenders Pharos stove. Hung from the ceiling, with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, the Pharos stove is the perfect combination of style and function. Handmade from cast aluminium, the team at Harrie Leenders dedicate days to making sure the surface of this stove is smooth to touch. With no glass between you and the fire, Harrie Leenders have created a wood burning stove that allows you to get that step closer to nature.

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Environmental Values

Harrie Leenders doesn’t just prioritise the design and function of their stoves, but also how they are produced and how that impacts their surrounding environment. Aware of the potential pollution that comes with large manufacturing facilities, the Harrie Leenders stoves production site runs completely off solar energy. By designing, developing and assembling their stoves on site, Harrie Leenders are able to minimise the amount of travel that’s needed for the delivery of stove parts. Through simply looking around and seeing where they can spare time and nature, Harrie Leenders have made their stove production process as sustainable as possible.

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