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Water Heating Stoves

If you need a stove that can do more than just produce warmth, take a look at our range of boiler stoves to find out more about their multifunctional abilities and how they can produce hot water for you and your home.

Whether you want an inset multifuel boiler stove or a traditional woodburning water heating stove, Topstak partners with a range of reputable brands to supply you with plenty of innovative stoves to explore. Along with Charnwood, Arada and Stovax, Topstak are here to help you find a boiler stove that performs optimally, sustainably and cost effectively.

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What is a Boiler Stove?

Boiler stoves are able to offer multiple functions due to their water heating ability. As each boiler stove has water pockets within the steel body of the stove, when you light your stove heat conducts into these areas and heats the water. Not only able to emit heat like a regular stove, boiler stoves can also heat up your radiators and supply your house with plenty of hot water.

Here at Topstak, we believe water heating stoves are the perfect solution for heating your home efficiently and easily.

Benefits of a Boiler Stove

With so many benefits available, Topstak stocks a range of boiler stoves for you to explore.

Due to their water heating and distribution ability, boiler stoves are one of the most energy efficient forms of stove on the market. By producing heat, creating hot water and heating your radiator system, boiler stoves can help reduce your home heating bills as they actively work to ensure your home stays warm and functional.

However, having a water heating stove doesn’t mean you have to disregard your original heating or hot water system, as Stovax offers a ‘link up’ service. This means your Stovax boiler stove can be connected to your existing heating system to reduce your other heating costs. Able to link with both gas and oil central heating, Stovax and Topstak are here to help you heat your home as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

From the Stovax View 8 with its integral boiler, to the Arada Ecoboiler 12 Cassette stove, explore our range of high quality boiler stoves.