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Swim Spas in South Wales

In partnership with Arctic Spa, Topstak are proud to supply a huge selection of high-quality swim spas in South Wales. As a brand, Arctic Spa are renowned for their advanced hot tub technology, creating spas that are able to withstand the harsh climates of North Canada. Committed to pushing the boundaries on modern technology, with their Arctic Swim Spas, they have brought together hot tubs and swimming pools to create a collection of pioneering products.

For a balance between quality and design, comfort and exercise, take a look at our range of Arctic Swim Spas below, each available for delivery in South Wales.

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What is a Swim Spa?

An Arctic Swim Spa combines the features of a hot tub and swimming pool, to create a space where you can both relax and exercise. Much longer than a regular Arctic Spa hot tub, each swim spa has been designed to allow you to swim and row within the confines of the tub. To turn your Arctic Swim Spa into a swimming pool, you’ll need to use the tether function, which allows you to practice your strokes without travelling around the hot tub.

For more information on our Arctic Swim Spas, get in touch.

Arctic Spas’ Range of Swim Spas

Whether you want to prioritise you swimming practice or simply relax in your hot tub, Arctic Spa have created a range of swim spas to meet your various needs. For those looking to balance comfort and exercise, we would recommend the Ocean Swim Spa, which features multiple seating areas alongside plenty of room to swim. However, if you’re hoping your swim spa will become your very own compact swimming pool, take a look at the Kingfisher Swim Spa, which has a maximal amount of space available for exercising.

If you’re interested in purchasing a swim spa in South Wales, take a look at our range of available Arctic Swim Spas.

Installing an Arctic Swim Spa

With Topstak, there’s no need to worry about the delivery and installation of your Arctic Swim Spa, as our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from choosing your installation date to filling your swim spa with water.

For more information on the arrival and set up of your swim spa in South Wales, either take a look our designated Hut Tub Installation page or get in touch with our team at Topstak.