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Topstak’s Spare Stove Parts

Topstak stocks a huge selection of spare stove parts including replacement stove glass, baffle plates, ash retainers, flue adaptors and firebrick sets. Wherever the damage is in your stove, Topstak can help advise and supply whatever parts you may need to ensure the continued safety and functionality of your stove.

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Stove Glass

If the glass in your stove door becomes damaged or shatters, you’ll need to order a replacement before using your stove again. Luckily, you won’t need to replace the whole door, as Topstak stocks spare glass for a number of stove brands including Arada, Charnwood and Clearview. Simply select your make of stove and Topstak will have your replacement glass with you in no time. If you are unsure of the make and model of your stove, give Topstak a call with the measurements to hand and a special price can be cut and made for you.

Instructions for replacing your glass will be included in your order.

Stove Firebricks

Whether you have noticed a crack in one of your firebricks or think it’s about time you replaced the full set of firebricks, Topstak stocks both single and sets of firebricks to fit a selection of stove brands and sizes. Replacing your firebricks when damaged will ensure your stove continues to perform optimally and safely. With top, rear, front and side firebricks available, Topstak stocks everything you need to repair your stove.

Stove Baffle Plates

Your stove baffle plate is designed to deflect heat back into the combustion chamber, ensuring your stove is utilising all heat that is being produced. That’s why, if your baffle plate gets damaged or broken, it is important you look for a replacement to guarantee your stove is running as efficiently as possible. In partnership with a selection of reputable stove brands, Topstak supplies a range of spare stove parts, including baffle plates.

Find a replacement for your stove baffle plate at Topstak.