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Let Topstak Help You Choose a Chimney System

Choosing and building a chimney system has been made easy at Topstak. Backed by expert knowledge and premier stockists, our team of advisers can help find the right chimney blocks and liners for your chimney system. By stocking pumice, metal and concrete chimney systems, we are able to offer products that are quick to install and can be used with a number of designated fuel types. With a selection of trusted chimney manufacturers including Schiedel Rite Vent, Isokern and Hanson Red Bank, Topstak can provide you with high quality products that can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Pumice Chimney Systems

Committed to providing lightweight and durable chimney systems, Schiedel have perfected their Isokern range of pumice chimneys. As pumice acts as a natural insulator it’s able to effectively maintain the temperature of your chimney, which, in turn, keeps your home warm for longer. Available for use with a variety of fuel systems including wood logs, solid fuel, at Topstak, we are proud to stock Schiedel’s Isokern pumice chimney products, which are recognised for their insulating ability and impressive durability.

Explore Schiedel’s Isokern chimney range.

Double Modular & Concrete Chimney Systems

As part of their expertly designed chimney range, Schiedel stocks a double module pumice chimney system, which is ideal for both open fires and wood burning stoves. Able to be fitted either inside or outside your home, their double module pumice chimney system can be designed around your style. Whether you want a traditional chimney design or a more modern masonry appearance, Topstak and Schiedel can help seamlessly install your concrete chimney system into your home. We also stock a range of Red Bank concrete chimney systems featuring square, rectangular and round flue shapes. Square flue liners are a favourite when fitting an open fire chimney for new build homes, while larger rectangular liners are the preferred solution for large Inglenook chimneys.

Shop our double modular and concrete chimneys systems.

Metal Chimney Systems

At Topstak, we recommend the Schiedel ICS Insulated Metal Chimney Systems, which are often referred to as “Class 1”. Made for rapid installation, each of these chimney systems is fitted with a simple “push fit” mechanism. For use with solid fuel, coal or wood burning appliances, this multi-fuel chimney system is both robust and reliable. While this system is initially produced in a ‘shiny’ stainless steel finish, Topstak offer a range of alternative colours, ensuring you’re satisfied with both the performance and appearance of your metal chimney.

Find out more about our metal chimney systems.