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The AGA Stoves brand

While AGA may be known for their innovative collection of range cookers, AGA’s stoves offer an advanced way of heating your home. Taking inspiration from their famous range cookers, the AGA stoves have all been made and manufactured using cast-iron, a material that is renowned for its heat retention abilities. With high efficiency and optimal heat output, AGA’s woodburning, multifuel and AGA electric stoves are the perfect solution to heating your entire home.

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Freestanding AGA stoves

At Topstak, we stock AGA’s reputable range of freestanding stoves, in varying fuel types. As AGA’s freestanding stoves are not connected to the wall, AGA have carefully considered the shape and style of every stove, making them attractive and impressive from all angles. Freestanding stoves also have the benefit of being transportable between homes, so you won’t ever have to leave your AGA stove behind.

Use our stove selector to find the AGA stove for you.

AGA Multifuel and Woodburning stoves

AGA’s wood burning stoves are their most popular form of stove on the market, with their multifuel stoves in close succession. Each type of AGA stove has been expertly designed to produce and maintain an optimum level of heat. Whether you want a more traditional stove such as the AGA Wren, or a contemporary, cylindrical design like the AGA Dorrington, Topstak stocks a selection of AGA stoves to choose from.

AGA Electric stoves

AGA’s electric stoves allow you to heat your home without the need for fuel or a chimney. Each AGA electric stove can be plugged in using a 13amp plug and controlled via remote control. Whether you want a classic warm toned flame or a purple flickering fire, with AGA’s electric stoves, you can choose your preferred heat intensity and how you want your flame to appear.

Take a look at the AGA Ludlow EC5 and AGA Ellesmere EC5, and choose your AGA electric stove.