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Danish HWAM Stoves

Proud to label every stove ‘Made in Denmark’, HWAM work to imbed their culture in the design and creativity of each stove they produce. To do so, HWAM stoves are designed by international architects who are experts in balancing proportion, function and style. Refusing to compromise on quality, every component of a HWAM stove is carefully produced in Denmark, before being manually assembled by a team of professional craftsmen.

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Contemporary Woodburning Stoves

HWAM specialise in wood burning stoves, where they take traditional heat components and turn them into contemporary stove designs for modern households. From tall freestanding stoves to slim wall mounted stoves, HWAM’s wood burning stoves use minimalist elements to create clean lines, effectively accentuating the view of the flame.

While all HWAM wood burning stoves feature a front facing window into the fire, their HWAM 4530 and HWAM 4510, also have slim window panels on the side of the stove. For a view of your wood burning fire from all angles, explore our range of contemporary HWAM stoves.

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HWAM Autopilot and SmartControl System

All HWAM woodburning stoves come equipped with the Autopilot system as standard, to help you achieve good clean combustion. The Autopilot system reacts to the temperature in the combustion chamber, so that as the temperature rises and falls, a bi-metallic spring expands and contracts that regulates the air supply into the stove.

Yet, if you prefer an electronic solution with an app, that can even remind you when to add more firewood, then the HWAM SmartControl is for you. It’s an electronic system that monitors the amount of fuel, heat and oxygen in the fire to achieve the cleanest possible combustion.

Selecting your HWAM stove

If you need help selecting your HWAM stove, we recommend using our stove selector. As choosing a stove isn’t all about how it looks, our stove selector will guide you towards the stove that will most effectively heat your home. Simply fill out our stove selector form with the relevant details, regarding the size of your home and the space you have available, and we’ll help to narrow down your search.

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