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Multiflex Flexible Chimney Liner

Most commonly, Multiflex flexible chimney liner is used for lining an existing chimney to prevent the leakage of fumes and dangerous gases, such as Carbon Monoxide into properties from old chimneys whose condition has deteriorated over time.

Whether the chimney lacks lining, or the mortar joints have simply been eroded by the smoke, tars and acids that pass through, regularly lining a chimney is a good way to prevent dangerous fumes from leaking into the property.

What’s more, a chimney flexible flue liner will make your stove more efficient, providing the correct flue size and smooth pathway for the flue gases to escape to the atmosphere. A liner can also help avoid smoke blowback into the room, which can often be caused as a result large and uneven flues.

Why Multiflex chimney liner?

Our exclusive Multiflex flexible flue liner collection features “Class 1” chimney flue liners made from stainless steel, which have been designed to offer an economical solution for lining an existing chimney by improving its efficiency, alongside its safety. The multifuel chimney flexible flue liner is compatible with a variety of wood, coal, gas and oil burning appliances.

As a leading flexible flue liner provider, Multiflex pride themselves on the strength, durability and safety of their chimney flue liner range – all attributes which have stood the test of time for over thirty years. Through the company’s dedication to continuous improvement, the Multiflex chimney liner collection has maintained the highest performance designation, passing the European Standards tests with flying colours.

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Inside the chimney flexible flue liner

The robust spirally wound double-skin construction of each Multiflex flexible flue liner adds straight to the joints, enabling the chimney flue liner to withstand high pressure. The Multiflex chimney liner interior has been designed to enable the smooth and efficient passage of flue gases, while the flexible flue liner exterior maintains optimal flexibility thanks to its durable corrugated construction.

There are two Multiflex flexible flue liner grades, 316L & 904L grades of stainless steel, for use with wood or multifuel solid fuel burning stoves, open fires or boilers. Each chimney flue liner is CE marked and approved by HETAS.

The Multiflex flexible flue liner benefits

Each of the products in the Multiflex chimney liner range is available in a choice of sizes and fittings to ensure hassle-free connection to stoves or fires. Designed to minimise disruption when lining a chimney and enable quick installation, the chimney flue liner collection offers unrivalled flexibility, easily tackling sharp bends and typical ‘offset’ Victorian chimneys.

Each of our chimney flexible flue liners comes with a 20 year conditional warranty. We also offer a next working day nationwide delivery for both cut lengths and full coils of flexible flue liner, complete with a choice of Multiflex flexible flue liner fittings to suit individual installation requirements.

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