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16 . 07 . 2019

9 ways to integrate a hot tub into your home

Here at Topstak we are big advocates of the great pleasures which come with a hot tub. Whether you are simply soaking in the warmth, or using one of the many massage and tech features our Arctic Spas come equipped with, getting into the hot tub after a long day or on a sunny weekend is the best way to unwind.

What isn’t so relaxing for the eager stylist eye is having a substantially sized water vessel just lying around in the middle of a beautiful, meticulously arranged landscape. With this in mind, we scouted for the best ways to integrate a hot tub into your home, so it isn’t an eyesore during all the times you’re not using it.

Here are our top picks for working a hot tub into your outdoors haven:

1. Product Placement

One of the main rules of thumb when it comes to integrating your hot tub into the landscape naturally is making sure it’s properly placed. You want to make sure you are not leaving all the sides exposed; a great way to get around this is with the help of hedges, railings and walls which are already in place, combined with a wooden enclosure of some sorts to cover up the rest. This way the tub will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the landscaping structures when viewed head on.

2. Home Spa Room

Following the integration principle, you could do one better and base your landscaping around the hot tub rather than adjusting the tub to what’s already there. This decorative approach will allow you to create an outdoors spa aesthetic in your garden by pairing your hot tub with wooden steps and grotto-style wooden columns.

3. Outdoor Integration

Slightly more challenging, but also very impressive approach to making your hot tub part of the garden landscape is by taking integration literally. Hook up the tub drainage system with a stunning water feature for a truly ingenious end result.

4. Statement Piece

An alternative landscaping strategy is embracing the visibility of your hot tub and turning it into a focal point of your garden. Whether you choose to embellish your hot tub with bright floral arrangements, or perhaps even brave using a large vintage claw-foot tub as a hot tub, your outdoors design is guaranteed to leave an impression.

5. Garden Camouflage

If you’re not quite as brave, but you still want to make a good use of your hot tub’s aesthetic value, you can integrate it into your garden in a more subtle ways. Since they’re not as demanding as pools when it comes down to paving and space, hot tubs can be tucked away into a charming corner and surrounded by climbing vines for a ‘back-to-nature’ vibe.

6. Out of Sight

On the opposite end of the scale, some people choose to hide their hot tubs completely. There are many options available to you if you choose to adopt this strategy, depending on the make of your hot tub. You could opt for levelling your tub with the ground and coming up with a clever way to cover it, or keep it aboveground and incorporate it within the wall at the outer edge of your garden.

7. Creative Cover

Perhaps the most unappealing feature of any hot tub is the covers – not only are most of them hard on the eyes, but they are also very unpleasant to take off, what with being soaked through and heavy. You can improve your uncovering experience by investing in a quality vinyl cover which is both functional and appealing.

8. Savvy Sundeck

Take covering your hot tub in a creative way one step further by investing in building a deck around your home spa instead of settling for a loose cover. This way you can have a rolling cover which tucks into the platform when not used, and doubles as a sundeck the rest of the time.

9. Home Tub

Last, but not least, consider whether the right place for your hot tub is in the garden. If you’re using it on a regular basis, perhaps it would be more convenient if you made your Spa zone an extension of your house. Installing a partially or fully covered patio adjacent to your home would make the transition between areas more comfortable, while also creating a more luxurious atmosphere around your hot tub.

Regardless of whether you are looking to incorporate your hot tub within an existing landscape, or you are planning to fully renovate your outdoors with new features centred around your home Spa, there are a number of ways to integrate a hot tub into your home.

Start your landscaping project by finding the perfect spa for you – browse our range of Arctic Spas or contact the Topstak team for expert advice on which the best hot tub is for you. 

16 . 07 . 2019